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Shenzhen Yusheng Communications-Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2010, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales. The products mainly focus on antenna R&D and design; at the same time, the company can provide comprehensive solutions such as antenna design, testing, and optimization services according to customer needs. There are diversified antenna products that can meet WIFI/BT/LORA/NB/GSM/GPS and other multi network systems. While adhering to innovation, the company strictly control the quality, and have successively passed the national high-tech enterprise, ISO9001:2015 system, intellectual property management system and improved after-sales service system, striving to provide customers with market-competitive product solutions.
The products of Yusheng Communications cover almost all antenna application of wireless terminal equipment, including automotive antenna/high-precision surveying and mapping antenna/drone ground and satellite data navigation, high-precision positioning antenna, wireless transmission of medical equipment, personal consumer antenna (Mobile phone antenna, PAD/ laptop antenna), base station/indoor distributed antenna, smart wearing antenna (smart watch, TWS headset), security home antenna (smart camera, smart plug board, smart router, smart air conditioner, smart water and electricity meter, smart refrigerator,smart TV, etc.), as well as a variety of wireless data transmission and wireless control intelligent device antennas.

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