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Mobile signal booster 2g 3g 4g lte mobile signal booster for cell phone cellular signal repeater booster amplifier

The signal amplifier is a miniature repeater also known as a cell phone signal amplifier. Signal amplifier from its name we know that its function is to amplify the signal. There are many kinds of signal amplifiers, such as TV signal amplifiers, radio amplifiers, etc., and all receivers have signal amplifiers. Specialized amplification of mobile phone signal amplifier called mobile phone signal amplifier, mainly used to solve the problem of indoor mobile phone signal blind area.
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Network:4g, GSM, 3G, 2G, DCS
Product name:Mobile Signal Booster-It has the advantages of simple structure, less investment and convenient installation, and can be widely used in blind and weak areas that are difficult to cover, such as shopping malls, hotels, airports, terminals, stations, stadiums, entertainment halls, subways, tunnels, highways, islands and other places to improve communication quality, solve the problem of dropped calls, and optimize wireless communication networks.
Frequency:900/1800/2100MHz or customize--Frequency bands can be customized according to the frequency bands commonly used in different countries.
Output Power:20~26dBm

The repeater has the function of amplifying the signal, it is actually a signal regeneration amplifier. Therefore, Repeaters are used to extend the length of the LAN segment and drive long-distance communication. When the electromagnetic signal is transmitted on the network transmission medium, the effective data signal becomes weaker and weaker due to attenuation and noise. In order to ensure the integrity of the data, it can only be transmitted within a certain limited distance. The repeater takes the data from the weak signal received, and the new signal is exactly the same as the original, but its signal strength is greatly improved.
Repeaters are designed to give your network signals a push to make them travel farther.
Due to the influence of transmission line noise, the digital signal or analog signal carrying information can only transmit a limited distance, and the function of the repeater is to regenerate and transmit the received signal, thereby increasing the distance of signal transmission. It connects two or more segments of the same network. For example, Ethernet often uses Repeaters to extend the cable length of the bus, the length of each section of the standard thin cable Ethernet is up to 185 meters, and there can be a maximum of 5 sections, so the maximum network cable length can be increased to 925 meters after the addition of the repeater. In general, the part of the network at both ends of the repeater is a network segment, not a subnet.
Repeaters can connect the cables of two Lans, retime and regenerate the digital signals on the cables, and then send them out, these functions are typical of the first layer of the OSI model, the physical layer. The role of the repeater is to increase the coverage area of the local area network, for example, the maximum length of the Ethernet standard order signal transmission cable is 500 meters, but after connecting 5 sections of the cable with the repeater, the signal transmission cable in the Ethernet can reach 2500 meters. Some brands of Repeaters can connect cable segments of different physical media, such as thin coaxial cables and optical cables.
The repeater only sends data on any cable segment to another cable segment, regardless of whether the data contains incorrect data or data that is not suitable for the network segment.


The communication distance is expanded.
Increased the maximum number of nodes.
Each network segment can use different communication rates.
Improved reliability. When a network fault occurs, only a certain network segment is affected.
Performance is improved.
The main advantages of the repeater are simple installation, convenient use, and relatively low price. It not only plays the role of network distance, but also connects the network of different transmission media together. The repeater works at the physical layer and is completely transparent to high-level protocols.

Product Name














Frequency 900/1800/2100MHz or customize
Operating Temperature -10℃-60℃
Gain 60±3DB
Frequency GSM900/DCS1800/3G WCDMA or Customized
Export power 23dBm±3dBm
Package Size 340*280*240mm
Max Output Power +23dBm/±3DBM Total power
Color White or Customized
Package Weight 3kg
Coverage area 300-500 Square Meters
Quality warranty 24month


900/1800/2100MHZHost + Power supply 33$
850/1800/2100MHZHost + Power supply 33$
900/1800/2100 standard package 46.8$
900/1800/2600MHZHost + Power supply 38.6$
900/2100/2600MHZHost + Power supply 39.6$
900/1800/2100MHZHost + Power supply(20 pcs) 42$






company profile
Shenzhen Yusheng Communications-Equipment Co., Ltd.
Established in 2010, is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales. The products mainly focus on antenna R&D and design; at the same time, the company can provide comprehensive solutions such as antenna design, testing, and optimization services according to customer needs. There are diversified antenna products that can meet WIFI/BT/LORA/NB/GSM/GPS and other multi network systems. While adhering to innovation, the company strictly control the quality, and have successively passed the national high-tech enterprise, ISO9001:2015 system, intellectual property management system and improved after-sales service system, striving to provide customers with market-competitive product solutions.
The products of Yusheng Communications cover almost all antenna application of wireless terminal equipment, including automotive antenna/high-precision surveying and mapping antenna/drone ground and satellite data navigation, high-precision positioning antenna, wireless transmission of medical equipment, personal consumer antenna (Mobile phone antenna, PAD/ laptop antenna), base station/indoor distributed antenna, smart wearing antenna (smart watch, TWS headset), security home antenna (smart camera, smart plug board, smart router, smart air conditioner, smart water and electricity meter, smart refrigerator,smart TV, etc.), as well as a variety of wireless data transmission and wireless control intelligent device antennas.

1)Timely and accurate delivery
2) Good quality control
3) Highly competitive prices
4)state-of-art technology products
5) Best professional team
6)Quick response and smooth communication
7)Effective OEM&ODM service

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Product advantages
1. Quality assurance
Quality inspection department three quality control, quality assurance IQC IPQC OQC
2. Experience
Focus on all kinds of antenna research and development design and production
3. Professional team
The R & D department has 16 experienced RF engineers, including 5 with more than 10 years of R & D experience, who can quickly debug and professionally solve technical problems.
4. Delivery on time
Fast delivery

Mobile signal booster 2g 3g 4g lte mobile signal booster for cell phone cellular signal repeater booster amplifier
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