Company History

In 2010 The first ETS darkroom was commissioned

In 2011  A second ETS darkroom was commissioned

In 2014  metal back cover three-stage antenna design a number of successful cases

In 2015  the antenna switch & variable was successfully used in practical cases

In 2016  the third flychart was suggested to be put into use

In 2017 applied for 15 patents/won the "National High-tech Enterprise"

In 2018  diversified industrial vehicle, Internet of Things, and micro-base station markets were expanded

In 2019  we will deeply cooperate with Shenzhen University to develop university-enterprise-industry-university-research

In 2020 LDS East China production base will be put into production

In 2021 the company will move into Guangming High-Tech Zone and enter the stage of large-scale development

In 2022  it will be recognized as an innovative enterprise in Guangdong Province, China

In 2023 Won the title of Shenzhen specialized and special new enterprise

We always adhere to the core concept of "professional manufacturing, focus on service", innovation and wisdom.

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